12 easy international online jobs that anyone can do

Living in a global hub that is facilitated by the internet, you can literally work for anyone from the comfort of your home. Global online jobs are growing each year and the amount of people rushing to get one and work peacefully at home is soaring high.
But do you know that there are remote jobs worldwide that does not require you to have any technical expertise?
We all know that programmers, writers, and business analysts can do their work from home but they have a big stack of knowledge backed with years of experience.
To make things easy for you, Waw Asia brings you 12 global online jobs that anyone can do; you heard that right. This requires little or no experience and you can even scale this international online job as your full-time career.
To know more, follow along to know how and where you can find these global online jobs.

Why you should choose international online jobs


It is in fact a simple question:
Will you go to an office for a 9 to 5 job through the hectic traffic, stress, and compromising on your overall health when you can take up a global online job and work at home?
As someone relatively old might consider this strategy to be sketchy but statistics show that the Gen Z population is more interested in getting an international online job as they are better equipped and exposed to the internet world.
The emergence of hybrid or remote-based companies is also pushing the remote jobs worldwide to spike, allowing more people to enjoy the comfort of their own homes. 
If it is getting quick money, supporting your current full-time job, or even starting with an entirely new career, these jobs can be a great assist.
Dive into the list to find what suits your preferences.

Take surveys


All the survey results you see online were answered by people like you. And you can do that too.
Getting paid for surveys is easy and you can start with Google opinion rewards. Depending on your region, you either get direct money or get paid in your Google Play store account.
Taking surveys is an easy side gig as it can be scaled to a global online job. Start using SurveyMonkey and TypeForm at the start and find survey platforms that will pay well.
Social media platforms host free surveys where you can enroll without any payment and take part in them.
Do you know that 99% employees want to work remotely
Cool statistics about international remote work



All you need is the grip over the skill of writing. That is it. A great career choice for college students, ghostwriters are wanted for pretty much a lot of online businesses. 
Ghostwriting is where you write an article or story for a company that will later publish that piece as their own creation. They get the ownership while you will be paid for the work.
To get one for yourself, here is what you can do:
  1. Get onto a platform that offers remote-jobs worldwide.
  2. Build a strong portfolio.
  3. Pitch to clients about what you can write for them.
The best thing about this online global job is that you can choose to write under any niche. From fiction, non-fiction, technical, and marketing you can become good in this field in a short span of time.
If writing is your career option, you can also switch to freelancing and find freelance remote jobs worldwide. For that, ghostwriting would be the perfect start.

Content creator


Either a camera or photoshop. That is all it takes to become a content creator and social media content creators are always in need.
Every company needs to put out content to generate traffic to help their business. In that case, text, image, audio, and video are four pillars of content. Waw Asia has a field of content writing covered for you with the remote content writing jobs providing the industry’s best pay.
Out of the four, international online jobs for video content creators are always trending. All you need to know is how YouTube and other streaming platforms like Twitch work.
A quick tip for these who create infographics and posts for Instagram and Pinterest posts is to use apps like Canva. The amount of content you need to be putting out in a global online job would be high and you need to be efficient with yours.
Being a content creator requires zero investment and knowledge to land at an international online job.
Check out Reddit’s Forhire subreddit to get easy international online jobs as a content creator. You can find a wide range of opportunities where you can talk to people directly about what they want.
How much a content creator can get if work remotely
How much can a video editor can get
To make things easy for you, Waw Asia has compiled social media jobs that are global online jobs that you can start right away.

Virtual Assistant


Depending on your field of study, you can become an assistant to anyone. From technical support to becoming a campus assistant in college, you can take up this online global job.
Here is what you can do in this international remote job.
If you know digital marketing, you can help out the executives by providing reports on the digital trends and provide support. In terms of finance, you can help to create spreadsheets and in creating solutions to reduce costs.
Apart from that, virtual assistants for customers are highly beneficial where you will get their queries sorted and put them through the right professional in your company.
The advantage that a virtual assistant has in a remote environment is an internet connection is enough for their entire job. With a video conferencing tool to communicate with the team and a phone to talk to customers is all they need.

Online tutoring


Teaching never goes out of the trend. You can teach anyone, from anywhere anything if you become an online tutor.
The rules are simple. You charge people on an hourly basis to teach them what they want and you are good at it.
Once you get a client you need a video conferencing tool like Skype for this global online job. Everything happens online so you don;t have to waste time to even commute to the client’s house.
You might need a platform like Superprof to get clients where you create your online portfolio and then clients will call you if they are interested.
A very creative and relaxing global online job, you can easily make a ton of money even when you are in college. Waw Asia also has a collection of online teaching jobs that you can apply for. Feel free to check them out.

Data entry jobs


The ever-popular data entry jobs are always there to stay but if you know some sneak moves you can get an online global job that gives a handsome compensation.
One of the best part-time jobs for students and even professionals, data entry jobs if done right, can be a great opening of your career. All you need is a good network connection and a laptop to start things off.
To scale for high paying online global jobs, your resume comes second. Recruiters focus on how efficient you work and how fast you can get the work done.

Build social media accounts


Do you love social media? Do you avidly post on your own account? There are two things you can do:
  1. Create and sell accounts.
  2. Manage the accounts of others
Let us see what you can do and get out of the two online international jobs.
If you have good traffic to your account, you can sell it to a business owner who is around the same niche. Another option is to create and build social media accounts for other businesses.
By this, you can charge for the amount of traffic generated for the business. An easy international online job, you can use your own influence to build accounts for small businesses that need attention.
The latter option is where you work in account managing jobs. Worldwide remote jobs are available in Waw Asia and you just have to work with other content creators to curate and build posts and improve engagements.

Advertisement creator


Did you know that you can create ads for websites online? This online global job is not as difficult as you think.
Ever heard about Google Adwords?
Their businesses create ads to rank on Google and if you can create attractive ads that bring in revenue, business owners will pay you for the traffic generated.
This simple international online job can be done in two ways:
  1. Through Google Adwords.
  2. Creating video ads
Doodle art videos that require just the software are more than enough to create captivating ads and if that is not in your zone, basic English skills can get you remote jobs worldwide.
Running ads is also an easy international remote job
Are you a google ads specialist?

Call center jobs


Just like the virtual assistant role, you can attend calls for major firms. Being at a call center physically can be tiring and drains a lot of your energy. But if that is a global online job that allows you to work from home, why would you say no?
Unlike the public opinion, a call center job is more versatile. From attending calls from customers to selling your products, to implement telemarketing strategies, you can do more than clarifying users’ queries.
With a bachelor’s degree and good communication skills, you can easily get a virtual call center work and to take this one notch up, you can take telemarketing and involve in chatbot assistance.



Dropshipping is more of a business than a global online job and it might take time to set things up. But if you get comfortable with the work, you can make wonders.
A dropshipping job is easier to scale in the long run and if you have the idea of starting a business of your own, you will be skilled to know the nooks and corners of the job.
The best way to start is to join as an assistant for a dropshipping company. From there you can learn as there is zero capital for you to invest. 
After that, you can now move to create your own dropshipping which will operate globally. 
How does the job dropshipping work
4 steps of a dropshipping job

Own a guest posting blog


The easiest of the list is having a guest blog website. Here is why.
You don’t get to create any of the content for the website. There are aspiring content writers out there and they want a platform to market themselves. 
More than an international online job, you get to own a website and engage with the users. If creating a website is not under your budget, you can choose to work for other guest post websites where you can manage their posts right from your home.
Huffington PostMashable and Entrepreneur are great examples of guest post websites that you can follow as a model.
With barely little editing work, you can retouch the submissions and charge for every submission. This makes things very simple as you get paid for every article that is posted on your website.

Content Editing jobs


Like you saw before, you can become a content creator. But you are not that creative for the business you choose, you can edit someone’s content for them. 
Taking an international online job as a content editor includes proofreading and editing articles if you want to edit articles. If you wish to edit videos, you would need adequate software to start things with.
That being said, probably an easy international online job in the list, you do not need to create anything up front. Editors are in great need as you just need to make things visually appealing as possible.
Take podcasts for example.
The source is at least a 60-minute video. If you get $15 for editing one clip from that, with about 5 clips that becomes $75 for one podcast episode.
Getting a global online job as an editor needs the right platform and you need to constantly surf and cold pitch independent video creators.
That being said, Waw Asia has a collection of online content jobs that will help you in the meantime.

Waw Asia brings the best international remote jobs


If you liked the roles to take up in a global online job, Waw Asia has an article 10 more worldwide remote jobs that you can start it off from day one.
Waw Asia knew that international online jobs would be hot in the years to come and so we started to invest in it early to bring remote jobs from global companies to Asia-based candidates.
We are the Asia’s leading portal offering worldwide remote jobs from recruiters to talents in the Asian timezone like you. We bring the best recruiters who are currently hiring for trending remote jobs that might suit your profile.
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